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Is there really a right time to sell?

It would be nice if there were a magic answer to this question, but the truth is this, there is no one right answer. Fundamentally, the right time to sell depends entirely on your own circumstances.
If you find yourself in any of the situations below (while by no means a comprehensive list), then it could very well be the right time for you to sell:
• A job transfer.
• A growing family.
• The need arises to unlock capital.
• Realising profit from an investment.
• You can no longer afford to keep the property.
• An opportunity arises that is too good to refuse.
• Funding retirement

Conversely, there is no single wrong time to sell. Generally speaking, it would not be wise to sell a property during times of upheaval in your life or when you – for whatever reason – are unable to showcase the property in its best possible light. Before listing your property for sale, make sure that you are genuinely ready and willing to sell.

Selling seasons

When it comes to deciding which season in which to sell your property, it’s useful to know how the property calendar works.
There are two main times of year for selling property – spring and autumn. Traditionally, spring has been the favourite time to sell property, as the gardens are looking their best, the weather is usually good and there are plenty of buyers looking to move into their new home in time forAutumn is the next biggest selling season, again because of the reasonable weather, and also because buyers have possibly missed out on properties during spring.
Selling a property in either of these seasons will ensure there are lots of buyers coming through the doors, but you do need to be mindful that there are also more properties on the market, meaning more competition for buyers.
Some people prefer to sell during quieter times of the year, such as during the New Year period or in the winter months, because of the reduced competition from other sellers and the belief that while there are fewer buyers looking, those who are tend to be more serious about purchasing.
The right strategy
Once you’ve determined the time is right for you to sell, it’s important to have a strategy in place to ensure your sale goes smoothly and nets you a good price. Make sure your strategy considers the following:
• Is the property presented for sale?
• Which type of buyers will it appeal to?
• Are your price expectations in line with comparable sales?
• Are you comfortable with the method of sale, such as auction or private treaty?
• Is your agent reliable and experienced?
• Is there a price you will not sell below?

With some forward planning and thinking about your situation, you can determine if it’s the right time to sell. And when you do sell, ensure you have everything in place, so you can achieve the best price possible.
Zhushing your house for sale
Look at your home through the eyes of a prospective buyer, and take note of imperfections you’ve been overlooking. Buyers usually want to be able to move in straight away, so they’re looking for a home that won’t need immediate repairs.

1. Remove clutter
The first step to a good-looking home is to remove excess. Work on the theory that the less clutter, the more spacious your home will appear.
• Hire a skip and clear out cupboards, garage, garden shed and laundry.
• Donate spare clothes, toys, appliances and kitchenware to charity.
• Sell or give away furniture you’re not taking with you.
• In the kitchen, remove fridge magnets, the kids’ artwork, appliances and utensils, leaving benches clear and spotless.
2. Appeal from the street
First impressions are important, so go and stand outside and note everything that needs work.
• Do you see spider webs, wasp nests or tired pot plants? Get rid of them.
• Clear out gutters, and remove branches and leaves from the roof.
• How’s the mailbox?
• Clean the windows; sand back and paint worn windowsills or frames.
3. Make an entrance
Welcome buyers to their new home by making the entrance inviting.
• Clear the pathway to the door.
• Scrub the porch and add a chair or pot plant.
• If the front door’s looking worn, give it a coat of paint and a new doorknob.
3. Green up the garden
A well-kept garden gives the impression that the property has been loved and looked after. You don’t need a green thumb – many buyers are happy with a low-maintenance garden.
• Mow lawns, and trim edges, hedges and trees.
• Remove weeds.
• Fill garden beds with flowering annuals.
• Spread mulch under trees and on gardens.
• Make sure the pool is sparkling clean and the pump-room spotless.
4. Sparkle on the inside
Buyers want to ‘try out’ your home, so expect them to open cupboards, turn on taps and lights, and size up the rooms.
• Have the carpets and furnishings professionally cleaned.
• Repair chips and holes, doorknobs, handles, dripping taps and faulty hinges.
• Arrange furniture to show each room at its best. Place comfy chairs facing a window to highlight a view and make sure there are pathways through your home to make it appear more spacious.
• Invest in some new cushions and throws. You can take these to your new home, so it’s worth the investment.
• Scrub the bathroom and add fluffy towels, mats and a flowering pot plant.
• Open windows and curtains, and turn on lamps during inspections.
5. Hire a stylist
A home stylist will assess your home and decorate it in a consistent style to appeal to the buyers looking in your area. This could be very different from your idea of the perfect decor for your home, but a stylist will be considering other things, such as the type of house, the neighbourhood and what buyers want to see.You have one chance to create a positive impression for buyers. Any cosmetic enhancements that you make could affect the price of your home, so it’s worth taking time to notice and start working on them now.

Spring is in the air

The sun is shining, birds are singing and Spring has finally arrived. According to expert economists at Domain, the market is clearly strengthening and well ahead of last year at the same time. So now is the best time to list and sell your property. Time to tidy up your garden in readiness for a colourful Spring, particularly, if preparing to sell. We invite you to phone our office for a current market opinion even before you are ready and we will take care of all the preparation. Spring , being known as a Vendor’s market and, the preferred traditional time to sell with lots of buyers seeking and flocking to a property sign irrespective of the agency or brand.

Our office can arrange reputable friendly gardeners to get your yard tidy and blooming through Spring and Summer plus manage & conduct your sale or rental beyond expectations. Just call our office to arrange, P 9436.1556.

More families favouring north of the Harbour bridge
Subsequent to a recent survey, all but two of the top 10 favoured, family suburbs were north of the bridge, and the remaining two were south in the Sutherland Shire. It was found that, many families preferred suburbs on the lower north shore and northern beaches. The majority, were within a radius of 10 plus kilometres away from the CBD. Whilst the top five family suburbs had, closer proximity to the beaches and schools. More properties actually are listed during the Spring season.

The additional interest rate cut has put a spring in the step of the Auction & sales markets as many home sellers prepare for the spring selling season. The clearance rate being noted as 82.8per cent as reported to Domain, with many properties selling more than $100,000 above their reserve price, a result of interest rate cut on 2nd August low stock numbers. A five-bedroom home at Lane Cove situate on a 696m2 block reached $2,955,000, $155,000 above it’s reserve. Do you have a property to sell ? Call us today and we will come to you and look after all your property matters. We are The No. 1 ladies of real estate on the lower north shore. All of our clients would recommend us to family & friends.